Renew Your Confidence

Initial Consultation and Assessment

Upon arrival, you'll meet our welcoming team and embark on your dental journey. We'll take the time to understand your dental history, address any concerns, and outline your goals for optimal oral health.


Comprehensive Dental Evaluation

Experience a thorough examination by our skilled hygienists, focusing on assessing the health of your teeth, gums, and mouth. This includes professional cleaning, periodontal charting, and dental x-rays to provide a comprehensive view of your oral health.


Personalized Treatment Planning

Meet with Dr. Paul J. Hubley to review your dental and medical history, discuss examination findings, and explore treatment options. Together, we'll devise a personalized treatment plan aligned with your oral health objectives for a healthy, radiant smile.

Ready to Begin?

We're excited to welcome you to our dental family and start this journey together. To streamline your first visit, we encourage you to complete our New Patient Form before your appointment. This allows us to get to know you better and expedite the check-in process.

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